Surgery is an important part of pet care that your pet will need at some point in their lives, from sterilisation when they are pups, to lump removals when they are older and anything in between.

We have a dedicated surgical suite complete with advanced anaesthetic machines and monitoring devices. Though they are asleep, patient comfort has been taken care of with electric table warmers and high end moulded acrylic cradles that enable us to move small to giant breeds safely and without unnecessary neck and limb strain.

Sterility is vital to surgical success so that's why we now use single-use disposable drapes, gowns and gloves, with fully autoclaved instruments.

Our staff are fully qualified and have extensive experience to look after your pet while they are in hospital for their procedure. With intraoperative fluid use and pre-anaesthetic blood testing safety is never compromised.

Apart from routine sterlisations we also offer:

  • Dental surgery
  • Reconstructive soft tissue surgery
  • Corrective eyelid surgery (including Entropian and Cherry Eye)
  • Cataract surgery (via in house specialist Opthalmologist)
  • Cruciate ligament repair and patella luxation correction
  • Exploratory abdominal/Gastrointestinal surgery (incl gastric foreign body and enterectomies)
  • Prophylactic and Therapeutic gastropexy (required for stomach bloats)


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