Perth Pet Taxi

We're constantly working on new ways to make a difference for your and your pets, so we are proud to announce another new initiative for our hospital and patients!

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way and having access to transport for your pet when they're sick or simply due for their check-ups can be difficult. So whether you can't drive, have a big dog, need to stay home with your sick kids or simply don't have the time to visit us, you can now send your pet into us with Perth Pet Taxi! That's right, if your pet needs attention you can send (or ride with) them safely in their own taxi and when they arrive our vet team will call you to discuss their problem or talk to you in person.

Established by long time animal lover Terry Butts, Perth Pet Taxi is Perth's first and only pet taxi company. It's an efficient, affordable, safe way to get your pets from A to B.

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